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We offer all-inclusive carpet cleaning services throughout Hemel Hempstead. Sit back and relax while trained experts identify your specific fibres. We’ll choose an appropriate eco-friendly technique to ensure effective removal of undesirable elements such as dirt and grime. We aren’t limited to carpets – we can handle your rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs too.

How Do You Benefit from our Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpet Cleaners Hemel Hempstead

Hire us today and get…

  • Flexible and convenient booking slots covering weekdays, weekends and even Bank Holidays, regardless of where you are in Hemel Hempstead
  • A thorough service that can also cover all of your rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning requirements
  • Trained technicians equipped with eco-friendly and Prochem-certified equipment and detergents

A Guide to Our Proven Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Before any cleaning takes place, our technicians will need to assess your carpet’s fibres in order to identify the most suitable cleaning method. Robust compositions will require hot water extraction, whilst delicate fabrics need dry cleaning.

Hot water extraction is the insertion of hot water under high pressure deep into your carpet’s fibres. The liquid agitates any embedded dirt and dust and is then extracted along with 95% of moisture.

Your carpet may take up to three hours to dry following hot water extraction. You’ll be given a pair of overshoes to wear until the drying is complete – you can make it dry faster by opening your windows.

Dry cleaning involves the use of a special dirt absorbent power that’ll be evenly distributed across the surface of your carpet, scrubbed into the fibres, and then removed via vacuum.

Since no liquid is involved in the process, you don’t need to worry about any drying time!

Any stains will be pre-treated before the process begins. And you can also request additional protective treatments be applied to prevent future staining, as well as a deodoriser to eliminate any unpleasant smells.

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Once you’ve received and accepted your free, no-obligation quote, our cleaners will come to your Hemel Hempstead property at the time you designate. We’ll be equipped with high strength cleaning solutions and specialised equipment – it’s all included in the price.



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